Tuesday 8 May 2007

True colours?

It would appear that some people just don't know how to cope when things don't go their way. A fair few incidents of unrest across France following the gnome's victory on Sunday. That's just not a good move on the part of the protesters. Listen children, you were given the chance, along with the rest of the electorate, to express yourselves. Turns out there were more people who disagreed with your choice than agreed with it. That does not mean you can go about burning people's cars and smashing up shops. It means you just shut up and put up with it. You will have another chance only next month to express yourselves, during legislative elections. You are lucky, because how many countries just impose a government, and how many others rig the elections, and how many others restrict suffrage to a privileged few? Feel blessed you live in France and not Zimbabwe, or Nigeria, or Turkey, or Syria to name just a few.

Also cheered to notice the unions are already threatening to throw their toys out of the pram come the autumn. Some things never change.

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Princesse Ecossaise said...

Well said! *applauds* Too many people are going off on one over this. Jeez..they had their say, no need for the chaos. What good will it do to burn your neighbour's car anyway? Pfffft.