Sunday 6 May 2007

French police on "riot alert" in the banlieues

Saw this on timesonline:
But the possibility of a Sarkozy victory has put police on riot alert - the hardline former interior minister has never been forgiven for his pledge to jetwash "the scum" when young immigrants in the Paris suburbs started rioting two years ago.
It's a terrible shame. Unfortunately, if there is unrest in the housing schemes on the outskirts of France's big cities following a Sarkozy win, this will only serve to prop up his arguments. He will be pleased. He'll be able to say "look, see how they react when things don't go their way. They destroy their neighbourhood, their local shops and other people's property." The intelligent choice would be to abstain from violent street unrest.

Many thousands of disaffected youths registered to vote for the first time in these elections. They have participated in the democratic process and expressed their opinions and allegiances through the ballot box. That shows a (newly developed) sense of citizenship which can only be admired. I really truly hope no one spoils it by kicking up a fuss if the result doesn't go how they want.

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