Friday 4 May 2007


Just had to add this. Just seen that little teletubby on Reporting Scotland. He's so self-important he flew down to Edinburgh in a helicopter after looking pleased with himself when the Aberdeen constituency result was returned and he was elected. Not very green is it teletubby man? Of course, I spotted McConnell using the same ultra-environmentally friendly means of transport the other week too... >:-|


Anonymous said...

It was even worse than it appeared on the Tele!

Bit of a rough night really, well it was in East Lothian!!!

Lets say, we could have a challenging few months ahead.

Lis of the North said...

I saw that East Lothian council has been rather radically turned upside down. Good result there, no? And even in Midlothian, Labour no longer control the council. Has that ever happened before?
Cheers :)