Tuesday 15 May 2007

Life without you

Have been watching a programme on BBC 2 called The Widow's Tale with six women talking about the (early) deaths of their husbands. I will admit to some slight salty eye leakage happening.

It's so impossible to imagine that I would be able to live without "Monsieur Lis". I know I complain about him and give him stick and sometimes we fall out a bit. But he is my lovely lovely man and I want to keep him forever.

I think these women have so much super-human strength to be able to carry on breathing in and out without their "other halves". That's such a tired old expression, but when you've found "the one", they really are your other half.

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Princesse Ecossaise said...

oh Lis, how beautiful, and how sad. I constantly fear losing my FP, I think it might be one of the worst things to experience. To lose 'The one', it makes me upset to even think of it.

So I try not to!!!