Saturday 19 May 2007

Cup final day

Hauled myself to the chemist today to collect Hubby's prescription. More needless expenditure for the French healthcare system but there you go.

After that I went down the path with super doggy. I had intended to just drop her back home then go straight back out but she was on to me because she loitered in the open doorway and snuck back out with me. She's a so-and-so. We went to collect the bbq from Leroy Merlin (DIY spot similar to B&Q or Homebase).

Back home to cut the grass. Having had nearly three weeks of this: Rain, we now have had this: Partly Sunny since yesterday. Have been able to finally cut the grass and stop the garden looking quite so much like a wasteland. Didn't quite get round to doing any weeding though because the temptation to sit in the sun and read just overcame me. ;)

Now I'm installed on the sofa with some freshly popped popcorn (thank you Rich & Hannie for our popcorn popper). Did you know plain popcorn is actually very low in fat? Must be quite calorific though I think. And also have some beer :) Am "enjoying" the FA Cup final build-up. TV listings folk must love cup finals. No worries wondering what to show, just broadcast live from Wembley from 9.40am onwards (I exaggerate - only slightly).

Enjoy the match.

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