Sunday 6 May 2007

Holiday destinations: where NOT to go

May I suggest nobody takes a holiday in Malta? I would personally not want to fund the economy of country where this goes on (don't look at the pics if you are of a delicate disposition, or if you hate needless killing of wildlife).

I find this all very distressing, but am heartened to see that good old Europe (!) might be stepping in to stop this. Of course, this activity is already illegal under EU law (see directive 79/409/EEC), but the Maltese government seems to be unable (unwilling) to enforce this. Now let's be clear, I am not all out, blanket anti-hunting. What I deeply object to and find quite sickening and repulsive, is the needless slaughter of so many increasingly rare species just for fun.
The Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta argues that spring is the best time of year to enjoy the countryside.
Oh right, I didn't realise "enjoying the countryside" entailed the mass and unnecessary murder of some poor feathery creatures who just happened to fly by. It would seem I'll have to get me a gun if I'm to continue "enjoying the countryside".

You can find out more about the Birdlife Malta campaign to put a stop to this destruction. I was hoping for an online petition but there doesn't seem to be one. Still, worth a look.

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