Monday 7 May 2007

The SNP question

Saw the result of an ICM/Scotsman poll on today. If the SNP's planned referendum on Scottish independence were held now, only 35% of voters would answer 'yes' to this question (this is the wording the nationalists want): "The Scottish Parliament should negotiate a new settlement with the British government so that Scotland becomes a sovereign and independent state. Do you agree, 'yes' or 'no'?".

But the loonies aren't loosing heart:
A spokesman said: "The circumstance in which an independence referendum will be won is by the SNP building trust and credibility in government, and delivering solid achievement. That positive process will move support towards the independence position."
Yeah, right. Difficult to see exactly how they'll manage to build "trust and credibility in government" or deliver any "solid achievement" in what will probably be a minority government with unionist opposition parties determinedly dogging their every move in order to paint them as incapable of running even devolved government. Four years of inertia is undoubtedly not a good thing for Scotland. Shame.

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Anonymous said...

I'm no Nat-lover (although Salmond is a good racing tipster), but I can't see the Nats achieving independence via "solid achievement" either. I doubt they plan to. I expect the next four years to be dominated by the Nats blaming the other three parties for a lack of achievement, for 'tying their hands'.

It'll be even worse when Cameron beats Brown at the next election, and they've got someone else to slate.

If the Lib Dems had any sense (I know...) they'd give their support to having a referendum in the full knowledge of what the result is going to be.

Then maybe we could all concentrate on areas where we can actually make a difference.

See you next week xx