Sunday 20 May 2007

In my garden

I have raspberry foetuses in my garden! I'm hoping they'll grow big and strong soon. There are a lot more this year, I think raspberry plants (bushes?) need a couple of years to settle in. There are actually two different raspberry ... things. One is near the patio. I planted the raspberry thing there first but realised it wasn't really in the right place so I moved it. The darn things spread everywhere, so it has sort of remained and thrived in its original location and its new home too. I like to think that means one raspberry plant for me and one for the birds. :) Can't wait for the fruits to be ready. I love raspberry, it's my most favourite berry. Of course, I won't be doing anything impressive like making jam or anything. Heavens no, I'll just be scoffing them all. I might share some with hubby. But then again, I might not. Heh heh.

The blackberry plant is thriving too but has no foetus blackberries yet as it's far too early in the year. I wish we had room for a cherry tree...

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StormRider said...

Hi Lis. It's been really quite a while since we chatted. I've to apologise that I have let down my guards in penning my blog. :-p 'Busy shcedule' takes the better of me, and I've thought I can live with a blog half-dead and semi-alive.

It's pretty much a shame to see that you being the busy wife here has accomplished more than me eh? LOL Shall spur myself even harder from now on! Look forward to more of your beautiful, simple yet joyous and wisdom-filled posts here. Take care.