Friday 29 September 2006

We can now go "official" in France

Our French marriage certificate arrived today finally. So now we can go "official" here. Of course, that means that I'll have to make up my mind on what my name's going to be ... No rush, right?

Round to Jo's tonight to celebrate his birthday, which was on Tuesday. Then it's the braderie (sort of yard sale/car boot sale thing) on Sunday morning. Early on Sunday morning. I need to seriously set aside time tomorrow to go through what we'll try and flog. Hope we make enough for a nice meal out!

Poor Hélène still not properly moved into her new flat. The painter and the plumber seem in absolutely no hurry to finish all the work. Lazy g1ts.

Been a busy week at work. I did the stats tonight before I left - September's figures are comparable to YTD. Which means we've been more productive than usual, as we're down to 2, and we have project management, daily admin, satisfaction surveys and all the rest to do on top of the translations. That's given me a boost because it's been pretty hectic all month.

Oh, and this is something I should already have posted: to those of you who pray, please remember Joffrey and Sophie Catteau who lost their son Elie last weekend.

And on that rather low note I'll leave it there for now. Be back on Sunday (maybe!) to gloat about how much easy cash we made. :)

Sunday 24 September 2006

Lovely photo

The Incredible Adam Spark

Book by Alan Bisset. Read it. It was one of my 3 for 2s from the other week. Really did enjoy it.

Have now resolved to finish all the books I've started before I 1/ start anymore, 2/ buy anymore, crucially. Don't know how long I'll hold out. In fact, I might do quite well because I'm skint so that should keep new book purchases down.

We helped Hélène move yesterday. Poor Hélène, in her new flat the decorating's not finished and there's no electricity! The chap who's doing it says he'll be done by Tuesday though so not long until she'll be all settled in.

Still no progress on wedding thank you cards. Got to do them. If I finish them by Monday night I might get to the post office on Tuesday to post them!

Still no news on missing iPod.

Think I'll take the dog for a walk.

Tuesday 19 September 2006

Pfff ...

France is a stupid country.


But there it is.

Monday 18 September 2006

Fish & Chips tonight

Not forgetting the mushy peas.

Spoke to Jeni last night at length. Her bump is growing mighty fast apparently. She sounded happy but a bit frazzled with work. Her maternity leave starts soon so she needs to get everything in place for while she's away.

Work for me is going better. We are installed in our new offices and, setting aside some teething troubles, it's incomparable to the mess we were in for the last two weeks. We don't have people digging up the ground right next to our office or knocking the walls down or (even better) digging through the main power cable into the building!!

Work for Hubby appears to be as inspirational as ever (not). Of course, he needs to get his CV sorted out so I can start finding him a job he'd like to do. As I don't really understand what he actually does currently, there is only so much of his CV I can write on his behalf.

We had the usual suspects round for drinks and nibbles on Friday. We finally met Delphine! She seems nice and Jo is happy and that's what counts. Everyone seemed good. It was a good evening.

I got a start on the wedding thank yous. Still have about fifty to do I reckon but at least I started. Mum says she'll pick up the photos tomorrow. I'm a bit jealous that other people will see them before we do but that's life.

Talking of weddings, we still don't have our French marriage certificate. I sent a rather pointed e-mail to the consulate in Edinburgh today to find out what they're playing at. It's not that I care about their stupid French paperwork (after all, we have the marriage certificate issued by the registrar in Scotland that's the main thing), but we actually need the French marriage certificate to sort out more stupid paperwork here. And some of it has to be done within a certain time after the wedding. French administrations, what can you say.

I read one of my 3 for 2 books. It was called Only Strange People Go To Church. I have to say I thought it was going to be better than it was. But it was an easy read and passed the time and did have a couple of funny moments. Don't buy it though you can have my copy.

I'm reading The Incredible Adam Spark now. It's much better. It's one of those "stream of consciousness" type books. It's a bit odd when you start but I'm quite well into it now and it's a good read. Buy it. Of course, I could offer to lend you my copy but I haven't finished yet.

Anyways I have to go my fish & chips are ready.

Sunday 17 September 2006

Spending other people's money

Got a new outfit yesterday for this party thing in November.
Here it is:

The top is creamy coloured not white but the sun was a bit bright.

And here's a big fat spider (that's what I'm looking at in the photo above):

There are about eleven spiders like this in the garden at the moment. It's the season I suppose. It's also the season for blackberries but there are not very many of them right now. We had a bumper crop but they all were ripe when we were away! :(

Warm again here today. I think we should take the dog to the park then get on writing our wedding thank you cards because we really must do that.

On the work front, I have finally moved to my new office! It's quite different but I'm sure we'll get used to it soon enough. Not that Céline and I really have time to dwell on our new surroundings - far too much work going on!

And that's about all I have to say about that.

Saturday 9 September 2006

S'me I'm back

Was just pondering this one, I really need to get into some new music. I mean, the trinity of Bob, Brooce and Bowie is all very well and all. But maybe I need some new stuff on my playlist. My iPod must be bored surely. I use that Pandora site and it's pretty good. Maybe I should set down a challenge to myself. I need to get at least one more artist onto my playlist by Christmas. Then I could maybe ask Santa for a CD and not a book.

A CD AND a book sounds better.

Talking of books, I went in Waterstone's last week. They had a 3 for 2. I was only going to buy one book. But as I was queuing I felt that it was too bad to waste the 3 for 2 opportunity. So I went and got two more to go with my one. I'll tell you what they're like.

Coupla piccies

Here's the world's loveliest nephew:
And here's my hubby:
And that's all I have to say about that.

Tuesday 5 September 2006

Oh, I forgot

If you would like to see the wedding photos, go here:

Plotting my return

We've been back in France since Sunday night. Was really hard to leave after this visit. I've been on the interweb looking at recruitment sites in Scotland!!

Wedding was great, it all went so quickly it's not fair. I wish I could do it again and get the time to have a proper chat with everyone. We really loved seeing everyone there it was the best time. We had fine weather, good food, a lovely service, great wine and champagne and the best wedding guests ever.

Barcelona was an interesting place. I've posted some pics on the magicalfairy site but there are many more to come. I need to get my SLR prints back and see if any of those are any good. Both our digital cameras ran out of batteries but that was *after* visiting Casa Batllo so disaster was averted.

Hubby went back to work yesterday but I took an extra couple of days off. Maybe the time would have been better spent sorting the house out and cutting the grass (looks like some sort of jungle out there - it must have rained LOTS here). But it's also been nice to do not much.