Wednesday 30 May 2007

Running around mad

This time it's me not esteemed brother. Managed to get the grass cut this evening after work. Yay! It was starting to rain even as I finished up. Glad I got it done though it was starting to be jungle like again out there. Flippin' weather is such a dead loss at the moment.

Then I made Mrs Miele get busy with some more washing. Where does it all come from? When did we acquire all those clothes? Is there a whole entire secret wing to our house where mystery guests come to stay, leaving behind mounds of dirty sheets and towels?

Then I got busy with the Dyson. Sorry this is a huge brand plug, but I LOVE our dyson. It's amazing. It sucks up doggy hairs wherever it finds them. In record time.

Hubby is busy ironing. I am blessed with a hubby who irons. This is a new thing, only since the ankle. He started doing the ironing when he was off work and he's actually quite good at it. It's wonderful in the morning to not be ironing my shirt in a hurry before work, because it's already done. I wonder if that's what hubby likes most about the ironing too?

And that's about all there is to it. Days are just whizzing by right now I don't know where the time goes. Well, I can account for it last night. We met Stéph at Decathlon and Stéph and I bought our bikes. Then he came round here for dinner. So none of the ever-lengthening list of household tasks got done then. But it was nice. And I have my new bike. :)

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