Friday 25 May 2007

Cute doggy

Lovely doggy is curled up on a cushion in doggy foetal position. Unfortunately I disturbed her when I went to get the camera. Some who know doggy would say she's disturbed anyway. She definitely has a couple of loose screws. The French have a funny and quite imaginative expression: she has a spider on her ceiling. That does describe doggy fairly well.

Talking of her behaviour, I got told off by Le Postie the other day. You see doggy rather hates the mail and tries to savage it as soon as it comes through the letter box. I think Le Postie is worried that she'll mistake his fingers for the gas bill one day in her excitement. Anyway, because we're such DIY-people, we just fitted another letterbox flap to the inside of the door. Now she can't get her little doggy nose right up against the door. She still savages the post though. Quite often in the summer she takes it outside. She's a funny thing.

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Princesse Ecossaise said...

She's Soooo beautiful!!