Wednesday 16 May 2007


Hubby had his cast taken off today. His leg feels relieved. His ankle and foot are still very swollen. I hope that will go down and he won't be disfigured forever.

He'll have six weeks of physio starting on Tuesday (couldn't get an appointment sooner), and sees the consultant again in July.

While we were waiting at x-ray and then to see the consultant, we got talking to a chap who was hobbling along with some strange opened-toed shoes. He explained that he had six broken toes and a dislocated toe (apparently he had a pin in this one to hold it back in place). This bloke explained how he'd been in a car accident, on his way to work. A car travelling in the opposite direction hit him head on. The driver had 2.5g of alcohol in his blood apparently. 2.5g!! I wouldn't even be conscious if I was that drunk. The guy had lost control, hit one car, swerved back to his own side of the road then came back and hit broken toes man.

The police say the drunk was travelling at 110km/h at the first collision, so probably 80km/h (about 50mph) at the second collision. Broken toes man showed us a photo of his van, it was utterly crumpled at the front. He said he'd seen the first collision just ahead and had enough time to sort of draw his legs up to his body before the bloke hit him (some preservation instinct kicked in). Lucky for him he did, because apparently the engine finished up in the footwell and up against the driver's seat. When you think he only had broken toes, it's just amazing.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

That is REALLY scary! Poor guy, although he's terribly unlucky to have had that happen to him he was lucky that he got away with broken toes.

Cars scare me. Especially in France.

Boatwoman said...

Hi Lis. Thank you for posting on my diary.

I am pleased to hear the cast is off, and that all is going well.

How awful for the broken toes man. Road accidents kills so many these days, he sounds as though he was very lucky.
I actually am not a loover of cars, and never passed my test, as I would ate to be te cause of someone elses accident... ave a fun day.