Friday 11 May 2007

Night in

Nice to have a night in. Not that I don't get lots of those anyway :D. Last night was out for Big Boss's leaving do.

Quick update on work, for those not in the know:

My service is (was) part of International HR, headed by FD, the group HR director. On ... some day in March we learned that the MD and Chairman had put their little heads together and dreamt up a whole new organisation for the Group, and FD's job was being zapped. So we'd lost our boss and our team was being broken up!

So last night we had a night out to say goodbye to dear old FD. He's staying with the company, which I think takes a bit of courage actually, but not in HR at all. Last night was fun, FD's immediate underlings did a sketch and heartily took the mickey. Well, when you're the boss you have to expect it. Didn't actually start to eat until 10.30pm!! So late-ish night. Of course, I didn't make things any better by reading until gone 1am ... Was a struggle to get up this morning.

So all that to say having a night in and it's nice. Think I might hit the sack early. I'm passed it.

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