Tuesday 8 May 2007

New bike

Hubby and I went to Decathlon Campus to look at the bikes. I've been pondering the idea of investing in a new hybrid/town bike for cycling to work. Much as I love my MTB, it really isn't comfortable for riding on cycle paths. It's a proper off-road bike you see, where one is constantly leaning forward over the handlebar. Gets so that your back hurts after a while (and your bum).

So I'm wondering about getting a hybrid bike. A town bike would be nice, but there's a bit of up on the way from here to work... :-| This is the one I have my beady little eye on:

b'Twin 7
Well, it's not actually this particular one. But it's mostly like this, except it's blue.

Of course, I should have made this purchase a month ago to be able to enjoy the lovely weather we had in April, shouldn't I?? Also, with Hubby now going back to work and certainly unable to drive for quite some time, when exactly I think I'll get the chance to bike to work I don't do. Maybe he'll be allowed to bike too? Probably not. Still, the point is it will make me feel green and make me look less tubby.

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