Tuesday 2 January 2007

What I would like to know is this

Why does blogger not save my language settings because each time I log in it shows my dashboard in smelly French and I have to keep telling it to change to English (UK). Tsk.

Back to work tomorrow. [frown]

Today has been mostly sunny again. And quite windy. Doggy and I had a nice quiet day at home. I suppose I should have got dyson out and sucked up some of Cléo's dog hairs. I don't understand where they all come from because I only hoovered just yesterday and there are millions of dog hairs everywhere already.

Got text news from Mum and Dad. Apparently neither of them had a hangover. I find that hard to believe, but that's what they said. Pete rang last night. That was nice. Unfortunately the usual suspects were round so it was a bit hard for me to chat with him. I'll try to call him later in the week. Jeni called yesterday too. She sounded in good spirits.

Which reminds me: David Cherel called over Christmas. Léna gave birth to baby Ilya on... 22 (?) December. He was over 4kg! Monster baby. Ilya is the Russian version of Elijah. I have to remember to get birth gifts for Patrick Clement and Ilya Cherel, so.

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