Thursday 25 January 2007

Please somebody talk this out of time

Tory MP Tim Yeo has dredged this old idea up from the dim and distant past:
He's bringing a private member's bill to the Commons to try and get the UK to switch to central European time. Quite apart from it just being a silly idea, one of the main arguments people use to defend it is in fact one of the main arguments against it. Thus: it would save energy. And it would do this how? Because the daylight would last longer in the evening. Right. Which means it would come later in the morning, yes? So instead of switching on the lights at 5pm in the evening (for example), we'd just find ourselves leaving the lights on until 10am in the morning (let's say). So tell me where the energy saving is because I don't seem to have understood.
I'm also having problems with the road safety angle. Surely with it being darker for longer in the mornings, the accident risk at this time would subsequently increase, thus cancelling out any reduction in accident risk in the evening.
Silly man.

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