Saturday 6 January 2007

Rain, grey, rain, cloud, grey

That pretty much describes the weather here today. Fairly miserable.

I'm feeling a bit afflicted by a snotty cold. Sore head and snotty nose. Hey ho. I granted myself a huge lie-in this morning to make up for that.

In other news:
I wanted to make some gingerbread but I don't have enough plain flour. That has put at stop to my domestic goddess plans for today.

The dog wouldn't settle at all last night. She kept on asking to get up. In the end Hubby got fed up with her and took her downstairs and left her there. Of course, I felt sorry for her so I went down and got her after about ten minutes. Poor doggy. She learned her lesson, though, and didn't ask to get up again all night. Hubby thinks she could hear cats in the garden. Maybe.

I took all the Christmas decorations down today, and Hubby packed them all away will I cut the tree into little pieces to put it in the compost bin. I got pine needle rash all over my hands and wrists. Poor me. Now the house looks a bit bare, as it always does. Maybe I'll get some flowers or something to brighten things up.

Our John Lewis pasta plates won't go in the dishwasher! They are too big and block the swirling arm thing. Oh well. It's not like we use them every other day or anything.

Yesterday we watched Munich. It was long. It was also quite good, if a bit gory at times. Worth a watch, and some valid points made in the script. I'll lend it you if you like.

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