Wednesday 3 January 2007

Back to work

Hey-ho. It had to be done. I was pleasantly surprised by not too many new emails. I didn't even check to see how many, actually? I think lots of people were off the week between Christmas and New Year, so that helped! Apart from one person (there's always one) who didn't seem to register my out of office message and kept asking what was going on with his hiking shoes signs.

So now I am sitting under a curled up dog with my post-work cuppa, right back in the routine. Hubby and I did our "when we win the lottery" fantasy on the way home in the car tonight. You can tell we just came back off holiday!

Mum and Dad had a good if fairly quiet time at the Hut. Sounds like it was nice. The weather was foul though. I think my centrally-heated house was not such a bad alternative!

I don't have any news from anyone else. I suppose if I checked my other email account I might get some! I need to email lots of people. I need to phone some people too. I need to get organised.

We did get a lovely Christmas email from Jon and Sarah. I got that on my work email today. I need to reply! And Hélène Rochefort (of distant Decathlon past) mailed too. She finally got a permanent contract, so that's really good news. Note to people unfamiliar with France's employment situation: a "permanent" contract is like just a "job" in most other countries, where you get hired and that's it. You then stay forever, or resign at some point in the future or, if you're unlucky, get sacked or laid off. It is a sought-after thing in France, because lots of employers only take people on for a fixed term (anything from 1 to 18 months) - like glorified temping. Which is not really very secure.

Not anything much else to report. Hubby is out at the supermarket getting flour so we can make more bread - the locusts ate it all on Sunday & Monday! Oh yeah, our fridge is finally getting emptied. That's no bad thing. It will now return to its usual bareness...

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