Thursday 25 January 2007

It's the weekend!

It was getting to be time for the weekend. Thank goodness for flexi time days, eh? :)

No snow here. Possibly the only place in the world on the planet where it hasn't snowed. :( Of course, I probably would feel relieved if I had a forty minute drive to work in fine weather. But even if it snows it still only takes 15 minutes to get home.

We bought a lotto scratch card on the way home from work. We won 12 euros. I was debating not telling, because I don't want to get lots of begging letters and hangers-on after a share of our fortune, but I've told you now. :)

Dog is full of beans. She has gained 200g since her operation. I thought she was looking slightly less scrawny.

No plans for the weekend. Probably housework!! Weather outlook poor, but we'll see.

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