Sunday 21 January 2007

Sunday blue

I've got that Sunday afternoon feeling. You know the one, the weekend has already flown by and it's back to work tomorrow. Plus, the sky is looking dark and stormy, so not even the chance of a walk in the offing.

Actually, we already did the walk thing. Managed to get nearly all the way round the park before the rain came. Doggy very much enjoyed herself and got nicely muddy. All over her face as usual!

Last night we were at Jo & Delphine's for dinner. Was very pleasant. We had confit de canard (slow cooked duck thighs). Yum. I had fortunately recovered from my tummy bug and got my appetite back in time for that.

Friday I was poorly with my tummy bug. Poor Hubby and to come and get me from Bailleul (where we were doing year launch, about twenty five miles away)! I'll spare you the details, suffice to say by about 2pm I was empty and didn't dare swallow anything until about 8pm, when I had half a banana.

Thursday we did year launch at work. It was in this converted barn (very rustic) and the wind was howling outside. The electricity kept cutting out. We had fun though. Shame I was ill on Friday :(

The week was busy at work, preparing for year launch and cramming five days of work into three. Thank heavens for our translation memory!!

Round here we seemed to have escaped relatively unscathed from the storms. However, Hubby said when he came home from work on Thursday our street was blocked off. Not where our house is but about eight metres further down! He saw on Friday that a tree was half blown over, which explains it. The main village street was shut off too. There is a small block of flats next to the market place and part of the roof had lifted off apparently. Closer to home, no tiles missing from us - phew.

Top Gear back next week :)

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