Thursday 4 January 2007

One more day then it's the weekend

We started working on our team's year launch sketch at lunchtime today. We just brainstormed lots of ideas around everyone's projects and it has turned into a sort of TV and advertising-inspired nonsense fest. Most of the scenes are based on either TV adverts or as parodies of TV shows. I don't know how we are going to fit in what are effectively seven mini-sketches in our 20 minute slot, but it should be fun.

I'm looking forward to the year launch a bit more now. I haven't been up til now, but we're getting ideas for our sketch and we'll have a laugh making fools of ourselves, so hey. For those who don't know the score, an annual tradition with my employer is the year "review/launch", which takes place in January. Every team is supposed to take time out to review the year (lots of teams do this by doing comedy sketches of what they've worked on), and launch the coming year's projects. It also usually involves a bit of a party and then some sport with the whole team. Previous launches I have attended included "orienteering", tree-walking and quad biking in Belgium, land-yachting on the Picardy coast, snowshoeing in the north Alps. It's a good idea I think, to review projects and achievements, and boost everyone's energy after the Christmas and New Year break.

Another staple is the mid-year review. These are fun too, taking place in June and involving a mid-year review of projects, a party, and some sport. Most memorable was a mini adventure raid in the south of France in 2004 - canoeing, via ferrata, abseiling down an 80m rock face... Then a big party :)

There are definitely worse companies to work for. And I know this because I've already worked for at least one of them!!

In other news:

Either all our rechargeable batteries are flat or there is a problem with our clock in the living room. That's pointless information I know, but that's what my blog is all about!

Weather is non-descript. I did feel a little ray of hope this afternoon on the way home from work. If you looked to the west, just at the edge of the huge bank of cloud hanging over Lille, there was a patch of clear sky and it wasn't dark. It was clinging on the last traces of day light. Of course, it was only just half past five, still far too early for it to be dark, but there is hope.

I saw a thing on the news about the long term climate forecast for 2007. Apparently they say it's going to be hot again. That's because we're destroying the planet, like I keep saying. I also saw an item about people working in Indian granite quarries, risking their limbs as they use pneumatic drills wearing only flip-flops. Westerners really are like locusts. We use up all our local resources, and then head off around the world to pillage some unsuspecting poor countries and exploit the locals at the same time.

In yet other news:

My dog is lovely. That doesn't really change from one day to the next but she's such a honey I thought I'd mention it.

My husband is alright too. He cooked dinner tonight. And loaded the dishwasher. However this last one was on my orders so only half counts.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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