Friday 1 February 2008

Arthritic athlete

We played calcetto at lunchtime today. This is a truly fantastic way to spend 45 minutes getting a bit hot and sweaty, let me tell you. Calcetto is like 5-a-side football, played outdoors on an enclosed pitch that's roughly the size of a tennis court. There are no touchlines so the ball is always in play, and there are five metre high fences all round the pitch, so you never have to trek halfway across the playing fields to go and fetch the ball when someone misses a pass. Most excellent fun. And we won. ;)

So why an arthritic athlete? Well I did spend the afternoon hobbling about the office wincing when I moved my right leg. I think my body is rebelling against my fatness because whenever I've done any running lately my right hip appears to seize up. It is a subtle message from my skeleton to say "lose some weight you big heifer!". As soon as work calms down a bit I'm off to the gym, I promise!

Ah yes, work. It's like a battlefield in my Inbox. There are many casualties. It's not pretty. I work for a sports company and I don't have time to do sport. It's a disgrace. I added up all the things I have to do, and the time I spend doing them. The total comes to 156 hours a month. I'm supposed to work 140 hours a month. Hey ho.


Anonymous said...

Aw, jippy hip? Not a sign of heiferness I'm sure, more a sign of stress. At least you made it to the weekend!
I hope in the battlefield that is your inbox you are coming out on top.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you. I'm with you on the work thing ... I have a similar problem. I really wanted to spend less time at work this year, but so far nothing's really changed :-(

I'm well impressed with the lunch time sport, though! Good on ya!


Ghosty said...

I know, it's awful! I work so much and have other projects besides, and a three-hour commute each day ... no time for getting in shape at all. I'm in the market for a treadmill - or an apartment closer to work :)

Anonymous said...

you work for a sports company and don't have time to do sports. I work in investments and don't make any money... c'est la vie ;-)