Sunday 17 February 2008

Will it hurt?

So I finally gathered up all my courage into a tiny bundle and made an appointment with the "jaw and facial surgeon". This is a profession which seems only to exist in France. In the UK I think the moniker would be dental surgeon...

So anyway. He looked at my x-ray and said "oh yes, they need to come out!". (That pic could actually be my x-ray, except all four of them are like that sideways one, and they are a thousand times bigger.) He looked on his schedule and said "March 5 at 2pm?" and then he charged me 40 euros (I think I made a career-choice error) and left me to sort out the paperwork with his secretary.

All of which means I'm having all four of my squinty and wrong-way-round wisdom teeth removed in a marathon (ah-hem) 30-minute operation on March 5 (which also happens to be Super nephew's birthday, he'll be 2). I have a ten-thousand page medical questionnaire to fill out before seeing the anaesthetist. It has questions like "Do you drink alcohol frequently?" (well, define frequently) and "Do you do any sport?" (yerrrsssss. Sort of). I'm a little bit scaredy to tell the truth.

Still, a diet of yoghurt and er, yoghurt for a few days after the op won't do my hips any harm!


Ghosty said...

I had all four wisdom teeth out when I was in the service. Took 20 minutes, and I didn't feel a thing. I did sleep for two days on heavy medication though.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Ghosty. I have been reading about your dental nightmares too! I'm having them out under a general anaesthetic because I don't want to be able to hear anything, that's how much of a scaredy I am!!

Anonymous said...

You should be fine if you don't use a straw after the surgery. A lot of dentists forget to tell you but it's important... Since you can't chew after the surgery you can be tempted to drink yoghurt-style food with a straw, but this creates a negative pressure inside your mouth which can remove the blood clot, make you bleed again and delay your healing for a lot of time. Ouch.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Anna. Thanks for the tip, I had never thought about that.
Your English is stunningly good by the way!