Friday 29 February 2008


Had my pre-op appointment with the anaesthetist this morning. He was a very pleasant chap. He has scared the living daylights out of me. I've already started having odd wisdom-tooth-extraction-related dreams. Like the one where I got lost in the clinic and they had to send out a search party for me. With sniffer dogs and a helicopter (yes, really). And I had earplugs in. And if I removed them, my mouth bled. And other strange happenings I'll keep to myself.

I'm sure that all the detailed explanations of what will happen and when are supposed to reassure me. Probably some tiny, logical part of my mind is reassured. But right now the vastly bigger and hugely less logical part of me is terrified.

Is it too late to change my mind and have them out under local, 2 at a time? But that'll hurt too. And I'll be able to hear it. No, all 4 at once is better. Apart from the anaesthetic bit. And the bleeding bit. And the tube in my nose bit. Why do I need I tube in my nose?

I know, I am the most pathetic example of a thirty year old ever to walk the earth.


Princesse Ecossaise said...

Why do you need a tube in your nose?! Is it to help you breath?

Oh poor you, I'd feel the same; operations are no fun whatsoever. Except the anaesthetic bit. I like that part. I enjoy the 'count backwards from 10' part and then only reaching 8 before I'm fast asleep.

Goooood luck Lis, hope all goes well - no, I know all will go well - and afterward those scary dreams shall haunt you no more!

Anonymous said...

Good luck -- as Princesse says, I'm sure you'll be fine.


ps my word verification is hi fi bum - ha ha

Jane said...

Aw toots, I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine. It is very scary, but you're not a scaredy cat, you're normal. Just think, no more munching on your cheek or tongue when enjoying the odd hobnob. Can only be a good thing?

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Jane said...

Wow, you appear to be a "respected sir" now...I'm impressed!
I'm assuming that belongs to a spammery type commenter (is commenter a word, should it be commentator?)

Anyway, hope your toothy-pegs ( or lack there-of) are doing okay.
Sending soothing ice-creamy (but not too chilly) thoughts your way!

Mya said...

I do hope the wisdom teeth op goes/has gone well - I'm sure everything was fine. Are you eating a lot of soup and yoghurt and stuff?
That's targetted spam - it's homed in on the name of your blog. You never know when you might need marine services when you're next pootling down the Suez canal!
Get well soon and don't eat TOFFEE.
Mya x

Anonymous said...

Oh Lis, my lovely, I feel so bad for not knowing any of this was going on...
I hope you're ok and that it wasn't too nasty. Mine are coming through and I think I'll have to have them out someday soon.
Jez had them out 2 at a time with local - one side was fine and ate steak the same day, but the other was not so nice and set him back a couple of days.
You are a brave fabulous person and I really hope the whole thing went well for you. I'm off to stalk you on bookface now... that's one sexy x-ray by the way!
Love xxx

Lis of the North said...

Hello Seabird. Thank you so much for your kind offer of freight services, but I don't own any ships so I won't be needing any of that, thanks.

Janey! The memory of my absent teeth is slowly fading... One good thing is that my tongue is still sore so I can't prod the stitches which will probably speed the healing ;) Thanks for the ice-creamy thoughts xx

Hello Mya. I am quite impressed with the terribly polite spam. That's why I'm leaving it. ;)
Hahah, no toffee for me no way. Banana-y porridge more like! xx

Miss D you little minx. Don't be sorry that's silly. I'm feeling almost better now. So if a whimp such as me can cope, anyone can have their wisdom teeth out! xx