Monday 28 January 2008

Horrible laptop screen and other tribulations

The yucky laptop screen has come back again. Grr.

Hubby still doesn't have a new job :(

I have far too much work. I would like for it all to go away :((

We have a new fridge. It's called BOSCH and it's space age. It glows in the dark. No, it doesn't really. Our old fridge unfortunately stopped making the freezer bit cold. Only half a fridge is not much use. It had to go.

The (naughty) car is feeling much better. It needs a wash though.

Maybe soon I will come back and share more randomness with you. Miss you all bloggy people. But too busy, too tired, too much work. Also too much faffing around on facebook. Tsk.

Night-night xx


Princesse Ecossaise said...

We miss YOU too Lis!

BOO to work! Hooray to new space age fridges!

x x x x

Anonymous said...

***big hugs***

Aw, Mr Lis will get a new job soon, I just know it, and before YOU know it, you'll be back in blighty bemoaning the cold winds and dreich winter/spring/summer/autumn days!

And as for work, as soon as my magic wand comes back from the repair shop, I will lend it to you and we will all be work free! How does that sound? Can you wait till then?

More big hugs to you, hubby and lovely pooch.

Ghosty said...

I would so dig a glow in the dark fridge. :)

Ahh, things will perk up soon, you'll see. Don't buckle! No buckling!

Mya said...

Naughty laptop!!! Threaten it with a large boot through the screen.
I do like the sound of your fridge - sounds cool. (Someone kill me now.)

Hope things calm down a bit for you soon, Lis. Keep smiling!

Mya x

Lis of the North said...

Princesse my dear I do hope you are well. Will pop by for a visit soon so I will.

Janie! I wish your magic wand could magic you a train ticket to come here. Ach well, another time. xx

Hey Ghosty. Poke poke. My fridge almost glows in the dark. The digital temperature display is really bright. It took a bit of getting used to when you get up in the night!

Mya the laptop is most extremely naughty. I shall punish it by not recharging its battery. Ha! Erm... I spy a flaw in my plan. Take care m'dear xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Lis

Always nice to be reading you!

Yes, do come back and share some more randomness soon!