Tuesday 19 June 2007

Weegie City beckons for Bro

In other news from the last couple of weeks, Bro has been offered a job by JP Morgan, in Glasgow city centre. This fits neatly in with their plans to move through to Wegie City. All they need now is a house. And a buyer for their flat. Of course I'm delighted for Bro and I know that Sis-in-law is excited. I suppose I'll get over my nephew growing up with a weegie accent too!

While we were home Hubby ventured west not once but twice. On Thursday he went with Bro to play BF2 (network game thing) with some of Bro's weegie friends. I think maybe they were from somewhere like Bearsden because Hubby said he understood almost all of what they said. He also joined the Broxburn clan on Sunday to visit their new church. I couldn't go because I was one of the living dead :-/ Again, Hubby reckons he understood most of what people said. Maybe all is not lost. And as some would say, moving from West Lothian to Weegie City can't be that much of a culture shock! :-p


Princesse Ecossaise said...

hahaha yassss I went to school in Bearsden!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief... bit of Luck that!

Now Remember "I'm frey Glassga, Nuw?" well that's how Nat's going to speak in a couple of years....

By the way (or should that be "bys the way") do they use Buckfast as communion wine?

Bet that will land me in all kinds of trouble ;-)