Tuesday 19 June 2007

Wedded at last

Time to do some catching up here, but where to begin? We are now back at base camp after two weeks away, first in Scotland then in the Sologne region of France (where hubby's dad lives).

So, Edinburgh... We had a great time but it was a bit of a big rush as usual. The main reason for the trip was Anne and Garry's wedding. Anne and I have been friends since playgroup. Anyone around my age will know what playgroup is and will thus know that means we've known each other since we were about 3½! So I couldn't possibly miss her wedding. Especially as it has been such a long time coming and was postponed from March to allow for the arrival of baby #3! See some pics here. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny and very enjoyable. I was really pleased to see two school friends there too, we'd somewhat lost touch but I am determined not to let their email addresses disappear from my contacts list this time! Hubby and I had such a good time. I had a bit too good of a time and was one of the living dead the next day, but that's another story not to be told here.

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Princesse Ecossaise said...

yay! Glad you're back, I was wondering where you had got to! Wedding sounds nice...great pictures (sex kilt hehe) of course all weddings in Edinburgh are wonderful! :-D