Tuesday 19 June 2007

Homesick gardener

So today I've been trying to catch up round the house after two weeks away. Most urgently in need of attention was the garden, or the jungle as it could more accurately be described. I succeeded in cutting the grass but it was so long I did it in two gos, allowing drying time in between. Also tried to trim the hedge but I'm too much of a wimp to climb on the ladder so I couldn't do the top (which is where it's really scraggy and overgrown, of course). I rewarded myself for trying at least with some raspberries (yes, the foetus raspberries are all grown up and are quite yum).

After this bout of landscaping activity I took refuge inside. From both the increasing heat and the pollen, which was causing much sneezing (love summer but hate the runny nose). Moped about feeling homesick and dreaming up ways to repatriate to Scotland. None of my ideas are viable. :(

Later Doggy and I went for a walk round the block then we sat in the sun for a bit. But it was hot so we went back inside. I'm feeling homesick but do I really want to go and live in Scotland where it's about 10°C cooler than it is here and I would wager it's probably a good deal wetter too?!

To digress somewhat, a recruitment agency contacted me last week to see if I wanted to apply for a translation project manager position in Luxembourg. The job does look tempting but I don't have the right software skills (Framemaker, Quark Xpress, Trados). I think I will decline. Still, nice to be asked.


StormRider said...

Lis, you didn't leave a note the last time you went off for your traveling; everyone was wondering and worrying about you. :)

Glad your'e back.

Lis of the North said...

Hi stormrider! Thanks for your comment and the good wishes. I feel bad that I didn't tell everyone I was going away. I won't forget next time. I hope you are well. :)

StormRider said... owe all your friends an apology. LOL

I'm well; thanks.