Monday 25 June 2007

Are you sure it's June?

The weather recently has been more reminiscent of October than June. The only way you can tell the difference is the late hour at which the sun goes to bed (well, you have to guess at this judging by the relative light of the sky, given that the sun is hidden behind the thick layer of cloud). It's quite depressing.

So I'm feeling a bit cheesed off. Have an unending mountain of work at work. I suppose that'll be why it's called "work". Would rather stay at home with my doggy. Am feeling like a fat little telly tubby. And I can't try to be sporty and go to work on my bike because of this useless weather. Well, I suppose I could but I don't really want to arrive at work completely drenched.

Oh dear, quite a grumpy post this evening. And now it's thundering. I can't quite figure out how that's happening - doesn't there have to be hot air for thunderstorms to form??


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