Wednesday 21 February 2007

Sunday was sunny too

Another beautiful sunny day :)

Church in the morning. Saw Jennie who asked after Jeni.

Went to Kings Acre for lunch and that was very pleasant. Afterwards we went to the beach at Yellowcraig and that was very pleasant to, if a bit windy. The tide was just starting to go out, which meant restricted width and room for doggies to run around, but as a flipside it meant that there were many birdies. We took plenty of digital pics and then studied the bird book on our return home. We had seen sanderlings, turnstones, oyster catchers and redshanks. And also a shag but no decent pics of that it was too far out. So I have now learned to identify about six different birdie types.


In the evening, in the middle of Top Gear (v. funny), poor Doggy mistook Hubby's hand for her chewy bone (that he was holding at the time) and sunk her teeth into it. It hurt, apparently. After Top Gear finished, Hubby and I went round to evil Tesco and bought some Savlon to wash his hand with. We all decided against calling NHS 24, suspecting they would say he needed to go to A&E, and given that we'd all had more than one glass of wine each that wasn't going to be possible. He wasn't bleeding to death or anything so we just left it.

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