Wednesday 21 February 2007

Escape from Franceland

Up early to head for the Channel Tunnel. We were supposed to get the 9.20 train but on arrival at Eurotunnel pet control centre, we discovered that the vet hadn't stamped Doggy's passport for her tick treatment. So Eurotunnel had to call Defra in Dover, who asked for a fax from the vet attesting to her having had the appropriate treatment. Except the vet was in surgery … Finally ended up on the 10.20 train. Remainder of trip up the country was uneventful and unremarkable. Save, of course, for those deeply irritating signs on the A1 north of Newcastle (where it becomes single carriageway for a while), commanding "DON'T SPEED". Well the chance would be a fine thing when one is stuck behind an Iceland lorry with a dizzying top speed of 45mph!!

Arrived Dalkeith just before 8pm. Was good to be home.

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