Wednesday 21 February 2007

Pancake day

Another lovely sunny start, so we decided to take the dog to the beach again. This time we choose Gullane. As the tide was just starting to come in, there were no birdies but there was a vast expanse of sand for Doggy to career around on. Which she did for about twenty minutes non stop. At the far end of the beach we did spot some Eider ducks on the water. As we spent ages looking at the Eider ducks, by the time we turned to walk back to the car, the tide had come in quite a way so we walked back over the cliff tops. And Mum spotted a roe deer! Cue lots of pic taking by Hubby and Dad and lots of hushed admiration from Mum and me. And some under the breath calling to Doggy so she wouldn't feel tempted to chase it. Which she didn't.

Pushed on to North Berwick and went for lunch at the seabird centre. Dad would like to go on the boat trip out to Bass Rock so we said he could have that for a birthday present.

Broxburn for tea (pancakes). That was nice :)

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