Saturday 3 February 2007

Not the best of days

It started well, with wall to wall blue sky. Took the dog for a walk. We had a change from the park and went to the Citadelle in Lille (photos on fotothing). Was lovely.

Then returned home to a 225 euro phone bill from France-f**cking-useless-thieving-bastards-Telecom. We subscribed to an "optimal unlimited" offer in October to pay 39 euros a month for all-inclusive unlimited calls to Europe & N. America. They cancelled it without us asking them to. So we complained. They put it right (so they said), and we got a second letter saying the subscription had been activated (dated 23 November). And today we got this huge bill. They say they'll refund us and they bloody better! All this and they don't even say sorry (of course not, why would they be sorry that paying customers are utterly dissatisfied with their pathetic service??). I think we might just change operators anyway.

And now Scotland are being dismal at rugby :(

However, while France-we-don't-know-what-customer-service-means-Telecom might be about as much use as a secondhand egg, EDF, the French electricity company, shot up in my esteem this week. Since last Friday we'd noticed our lights had been dimming from time to time. Were concerned, but hadn't got round to doing anything. So on Thursday, the power just cut out! Hubby said the circuit breaker hadn't tripped, so we switched it back on at the mains and it promptly cut out again six minutes later! Called the electricity company, explained the problem, and they sent an engineer round straight away. It was our mains switch was faulty (eek). We called at 9.30pm and at 10.25pm the bloke had come round, changed the thing, and our leccy was back on. Very satisfactory. So some things do work in this country!! :)


StormRider said...
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StormRider said...

Hi hi Lis. I reckon that your feelings against your own operator is what all other human beings living the developed/ developing countries are having also - we all feel disgusted and totally dissatisfied on the services, or the total lack of it, from own very operators operating in our very own backyards.

At the end of the day, they are no more than blood-suckers who go all out to suck out your blood dry. :-/ Nevermind their poor services; the main thing, you better pay up your due charges at the given time. If not they'll chase after you like dogs gone crazy. Happy telephoning.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Stormrider. It's so true what you say. They just want our money, but we don't really count for them - they want the big money corporate clients. But our bill is already paid, because it is done automatically. Usually this is a convenient way to be sure you never forget a payment, but I regret it in this case!!