Monday 16 October 2006

Photo CD in the post today

Dave and na sent us a lovely CD with wedding photos and some short films of Dad's and Hubby's speeches, and of some of the dancing. It is lovely. Thanks Dave and Léna!

Hubby is on a UMTS training course Paris this week until Thursday. He left at a shockingly early hour this morning and nearly missed his train from the village into Lille. Why was this? Because the train left the station four minutes early. Honestly! Trains must, of course, leave on time, and if possible arrive at the final destination early, but they shouldn't leave in-between stations early. Should they?

The dog was a bit miserable this morning, naturally. We went for a walk when I got in from work, and when we got back to the house I opened the door to let her in and then stayed outside to close the shutters. She's such a glue pot doggy she had to come back outside while I did that, to not be more than three feet away from me. I wonder if she does that to Hubby when I am away? She is curled up in the armchair by the computer right now, and seems quite happy.

Had a meeting this afternoon. It was actually quite useful and lots of subjects were covered. Some in more detail perhaps than necessary, but that's the nature of a meeting. We also heard from JPH on some of the latest projects they have going on at the Foundation. They have just donated 200 bikes to young girls in southern Morocco. The idea is that these girls can continue a secondary education even though they live in outlying villages, sometimes up to 10km from the school. It's great, because it gives them an opportunity to have a brighter future, and, for once, it's the girls who are enjoying a bit of "special treatment" and not boys.

Weather has been ultra mild again. Having said that, it was bloody cold this morning! But lovely sunshine this afternoon, like we've been having for the last six weeks or so. Now I don't know if it's my overactive sense of paranoia that we're all going to die because we wrecked the planet, but when I was little, it was cold on 16 October. Temperatures were certainly not in the low 20s celcius...

I have nearly finished the thank you cards! Only have ten or so left to do, most of which are to French people. This is my excuse, you see, because I have to think a bit to write them in French.

Still have no shoes for 4 November. Went all around Lille on Saturday. I have been in all the shoe shops in Lille. Honestly. I even went in shops that sell shoes for 330 euros, so desperate am I. There were no suitable shoes in that shop, as it happens. But then, even if there had have been, I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on shoes. That's a third of a laptop.

On the subject of which (laptops), I have finally settled on one. I don't think it has a toggle thing in the keyboard to use as a mouse so I'll have to learn how to use a touchpad. And I'll also have to save some pennies first. But Hubby and I won't have to squabble over the PC any more!

Right I'm going to go. I need to think about what I can have for tea. Maybe some cornflakes. Nice balanced dinner there.

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