Sunday 1 October 2006

A good braderie day

Hélène joined us for what was a successful braderie I think. We sold a whole load of rubbish for nearly 70 euros! We also sold some stuff of Jean-Charles' for a few notes too. He couldn't believe people wanted to buy it. I suppose that's the beauty of a braderie, isn't it? Was better than last year I think because it stayed fine despite the doomsayers at Meteo France forecasting rain. One shouldn't listen to the French weather forecasters they always tell stories. It did get a bit chilly at one stage though. Poor Doggy got cold, so we put her t-shirt on, and got her snuggled up in her basket with a cover and a hot water bottle! Took a couple of pics so once I've downloaded them to the PC I'll post if she's cute enough.

I finished On Beauty. It was odd at the end because it just stopped without, I feel, ending. Does that make any sense? I'd say it's worth a read though it's easy enough going and is nicely diverting. It's sort of about these two families and how their paths cross.

Mum says she's enjoying Ghostwritten. Can't say as I'm surprised. I thought it was excellent. A very clever book indeed. It's not really about anything, but it's intriguing. Probably worth a second read quite soon after the first read. You would almost certainly pick up on different aspects and notice more stuff the second time round.

Hard to say what is next on the read list. I did say I was going to finish all the books that are "in progress" before starting any new ones. I have lots of "in progress" books. I think I need to have a methodical approach and do them one at a time. Let's see how long that lasts. Oh, just writing about reading makes me want to scoot upstairs and pick out a book.

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