Saturday 21 October 2006

Pet hospital

Cléo has had her op, which went very well. She was very dopey all yesterday evening following the general anaesthetic, valium, and three shots of morphine!

Vet put two pins and some prosthetic ligaments in her left knee. She must have only gentle exercise (walks on the lead!) for two months then progressively more active walks for a further two months. Back to the vet on 31 October to have the stitches out.

We didn't sleep very well because we were both listening out for her. She is moving around a bit now but doesn't put her back left paw down yet. She has had a lot to drink and is eating again too. She even had a few barks today so she's getting back to her usual self.

The patient:
As you can see, she has also had a bit of a radical shave. It will grow back soon enough I suppose.

Other news:

There is a caterpillar on my nasturtiums! Proof if it were required that the current weather is far too mild. That's climate change for you eh.

Bought some shoes on ebay. Two pairs in fact. Pair mauve suede slingbacks, pair silvery satin kitten heel court shoes. Hope the silver ones go with my trousers! I don't think the suede ones will but they looked nice so I thought I'd have them anyway.

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