Monday 9 October 2006

Boosted Ikea's profits

Hélène and I spent the best part of three hours in Ikea on Saturday. I swear that shop is like some sort of tardis/time machine/black hole. You go in there and time is suspended. Well, inside the shop it is. And outside the shop it whizzes by very fast.

Hélène got stuff for her bathroom, a ceiling light for the hall, and a chair.

I got new covers for the sofa cushions, a new bathmat, an ivy to go in the bathroom, a watering can for my house plants, and a plant and a plant pot for Hélène. The new sofa cushions look pretty good. Isn't that clever how you can do a simple thing like changing the cushion covers and you've got a practically brand new sofa. So the white ones have gone in the wash which is the best place for them!

On a completely different subject, I finally called the vet and made an appointment to see the chap on Friday. Cléo has displasia which needs an operation, and the vet has already explained it to me but I'd like to go over it all again before. Depending on his schedule she could get booked in as early as next week. Poor Doggy. Of course I'm being soft and it's for the best because an operation now will save her a lot of potential arthritic pain later on. But still. Poor Doggy.

I have to order photos from the photographer. Maybe I should have done that this evening. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Outlook at work is "quiet" for this week, which will be nice. Maybe get in a couple of early finishes!

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