Sunday 1 July 2007

Say no to plastic bags

Come on Britain, why not follow Uganda's example and banish plastic bags?? They're made from oil, they don't biodegrade, they litter the streets, countryside, rivers and seas. They poison the soil and choke animals, birds and marine life.

I confess to feeling slightly righteous about this. Most French supermarkets have already stopped handing out free plastic bags. You have to bring your own (most people have those bag for life ones), or plastic or cardboard boxes. I've already covered that subject in more depth here.

Do something positive, next time you're at the supermarket, don't grab all the free bags (you probably take far more than you need anyway - you know you can carry more than a loaf of bread and a punnet of strawberries in one bag?). Buy a bag for life and remember to take it with you on future trips.

You don't need the throw-away plastic bags. Because that's what happens to them - they get thrown away and finish up scarring the land. They make the whole country look like a tip, strewn along motorway verges and blowing around high streets. BAN THE BAGS.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree!

Although so often the cashiers think you're completely mad when you turn down their offer of a bag for one item. I think that supermarket staff need to be educated around this issue.

Lis of the North said...

SG I do agree about the staff in some stores. When the supermarket we shop at here still gave out free bags, the cashiers used to pack some of your shopping too. And the bags were a stupid shape, very shallow. So they only ever put about three items per bag. We used to ask them not to bother, we'd pack ourselves!

Anonymous said...

I remember being told that Superdrug had launched an initiative called "from pink to green". This involved saying "do you need a plastic bag" rather than "do you want a plastic bag". Great progress. The staff in Delvita, (Modřany, Praha) give me funny looks too for always taking my own bags!