Wednesday 18 July 2007

I want to ride my bicycle

Hubby had an appointment to see the consultant as part of his broken ankle follow up. Météo France and the Met Office were both predicting fine weather and pleasant temperatures (at last - it's only been raining since 30 April after all). I was feeling fed up and rather like a fat little dumpling (new challenge: not be fat for 30th (eek) birthday/lose 5kg). It seemed everything was coming together and could only mean one thing: Lis was finally going to get on her bike!

Yes folks, my good intentions have at last become more than just intentions and I biked it to work today. How lovely it was to ride through the park at 8.25, with not a soul in sight. Birds hopping about the dewy grass, the heron watching the still river water intently. No dopey-driver induced stress, instead a gentle 20min ride to arrive at work with flushed cheeks and cycle hat-hair (that went away thank goodness). And not a sore bum in sight (thanks to gel saddles and full suspension frames) - yay!

Of course, there are some minor drawbacks to my get-fit and be-green transport: no iPod (that could be solved by the purchase of new earphones); requirement to get lazy self out of bed at an earlier hour; dependent on suitable weather conditions. But hey, if this can help me get to what I consider a reasonable weight by my 30th (eek) birthday and cut my carbon footprint, I'm all go. I just hope this spell of decent weather will last!


Anonymous said...

You go, girl! I'm still a dumpling who keeps thinking of reasons not to go swimming :( Very environmentally responsible of you too. Hope the rain holds off for you!

Lis of the North said...

Oh Miss D you're not a dumpling (well not as far as I can tell).
Took the car today :( Too lazy to get up :(
The problem with sport (as it were) is that there is very often something else that just seems more deserving of your time. Like eating cheese or blogging... !!