Thursday 5 July 2007

Oh, a prize

The charming Princesse Ecossaise has seen fit to give me a blog award. I am très touchée [blush]. The lovely lass included Attention All Shipping in her list of five schmooze-tastic blogs. I have the power of schmooze! Hurrah.

The illustrious (!) Power of Schmooze Award was founded on 2 July 2007, by Mike at Ordinary Folk, to recognise those bloggers who are "gifted in the ability to schmooze", schmoozing being "to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection". Hmm, not sure about the gaining and advantage, not with my ramblings of an only half-connected mind ;)). Anyway, you can find out more here.

So now it now befalls me to nominate a further five worthy bloggers who I feel are very much entitled to add this prestigious little badge to their blogs. Here goes...
  • Stratford Girl, because even though she's only new to this blogging lark, she has already regaled us with stories of puking dogs and paperclips in her Fox's biscuits (just the paperclips in the biscuits, of course).
  • Jo, because she lives on a boat and she has a big heart, and a lovely dog called Paddy.
  • Willie, because I love to read his latest pronouncements on music and because he's one of the most interesting people I know, and one of the most intelligent, and because our friend Jane describes him as "slightly eccentric". And, most importantly, because we both love curry.
  • Polly, because I have been dropping in on her blog for a while, and I love her blog's name.
  • My brother, because when he makes the effort to post he often makes me smile.
I also must give out some special prix du jury to:
Princesse Ecossaise, she's such a sweet wee thing
Miss Despina who is more adventurous than I, she's living in Prague!


Anonymous said...

Hooray! My first (and probably last) blog award -- thanks so much Lis!

StormRider said...

No one in barely a hundred years ago would've ever visualise how on earth could a Chinese guy in an island-country near the Equator come to be linked up with one European lady thousand of miles away.

It's such a blessing fortune that we're born into this wondrous world at this time.

Without your address (to my honorary title), I wouldn't know I'm actually your very first 'blogmate'.

Thank you very much for the honour, Lis. I'm utterly flattered.