Sunday 15 April 2007

Spring sunshine

We're enjoying some extremely mild spring sunshine here in the north of France, and across lots of northern Europe I think. Temps in the mid 20°C last couple of days!! Very pleasant :)

Hubby's mum came up to fuss over him from Tuesday to Friday. Was relatively stress-free and actually a good help for me. She even managed to annihilate my ironing pile. But then, I think she quite likes ironing...

Yesterday we had a group outing to Ikea. Stéph took Hubby's wheelchair and I took Hubby. And Hélène came too. We ended up having to rather rush round to get back home in time for Hubby's anti-coagulant injection. But we managed to buy a footrest to go with the easy chair. Upon our return our helpful friends helped me dismantle the old sofa and put it outside. Then I brought the easy chair down from upstairs and it turns out it's in rather a sorry state (well it was only cheap). There'll no doubt be another trip to Ikea soon enough for me to get a replacement easy chair (one where you can take the cover off to wash it!) and an armchair. We couldn't find a small sofa we liked so we're going for the 2 chairs option.

Hélène and Stéph stayed for dinner but we all had a fairly early night. I think Hubby was pretty done in after the shopping.

This morning more glorious sunshine. I moved the sofa from outside the house to the end of the road for collection tomorrow (it's the day when the waste management people come and collect big bulky things you can't put in the wheelie bin). I huffed and puffed (it must weigh about 130kg, maybe more) and managed to pull it on top of my toes:

Of course, my repressed blonde side had made me think that sandals were suitable footwear for furniture removal tasks...

After more huffing and puffing I got the blasted thing all of 30m to the end of the street. Hurrah. The house now looks absolutely huge due to empty space. But we'll be cluttering it up soon enough I should think.

Took a few pics of the lovely sunny garden. Mum and Dad take a photo of the garden every two weeks, to have a record over the year. I think it's a pretty good idea so I'm going to try and do the same.

I've caved in to various nagging and brought Hubby's blasted computer downstairs. That weighs a fair bit too. I suppose my little muscles are getting a work out. So he's happy now.

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