Tuesday 10 April 2007

Catching up...

Have had no time to blog lately, it's frustrating.

If you're reading this you probably know already, but hubby has broken his ankle in three different places. He has a cast for six weeks and probably feels a bit silly. He slipped on the banks of the lake while we were walking the dog. Oh dear.

Mum has three stitches in her forehead because she cacked over in the Lakes on Friday. Lucky for her she fell onto gravel and not rocks!! Heavenly guidance there, I think.

Nat has chicken pox! Poor Nat. Still, best to get it young (though 13 months is very young!).

Lis is tired out!

Apart from that, I suppose there's actually nothing much new, just the same old same old. Which is no such bad thing.

Spring is here :)

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