Tuesday 26 December 2006

That's it for another 364 days

So Christmas is over now for another year. It's been different for us this year. First off, we weren't in Scotland as is the custom. Because of Hubby's lack of holiday days we had to stay in France. Fortunately Mum and Dad came to us instead :) Less fortunately, Hubby's mum did too. I know that sounds very unkind but if you have any knowledge of past goings on you'll understand.

So, for the second year running we haven't been able to enjoy Christmas as we had been becoming accustomed to. However, I think that we were starting to have rather high expectations of it all, so possibly a couple of dud years will do no harm. But next year we better: 1/ be in Scotland; 2/ be able to get drunk like usual; 3/ be able to relax!!

Belle-mère (French for mother in law) arrived Friday. We had already planned to have Stéph, Hélène and Jean Charles round that night so we decided not to change our plans following the last minute arrival of belle-mère. Hélène has now named her schöne muti! Mum and Dad got here on Sunday morning. In the evening we went to the Anglican church in Lille, which was really nice. Mum and I had our imaginary assessment sheets out and they scored quite highly so maybe Hubby and I will go in the new year. He and his mum went to the church in the village, but we didn't because we can't take communion there. And anyway, Catholics are strange because they only take the bread and not the wine. Can anyone explain why?

On Christmas day I gained new respect for Mum. I scurried around and tore my hair out to make Christmas dinner (pheasant with assorted vegetables). And with Mum and everyone else's help I managed to cobble together something more or less hot and edible. But Mum seems to create a marvellous Christmas feast with everything ready at the same time, without forgetting to prepare the fruit salad, and without getting in a flap. Hubby says she succeeds in this because she makes the same thing every year so she knows it inside out. Mum says she just ensures we're all slightly sozzled so we don't notice whether it's any good or not! I don't agree, but hey.

Apart from a couple of heckle-raising incidents, yesterday didn't go too badly. Parents and I are a bit disappointed as schöne muti will be here until Friday, which is also when parents go, but I suppose these things are sent to try us.

Now Dad and Hubby are at the DIY store buying things to plumb the washing machine in with. The washing machine will then be able to go and live in its new home in the larder and we shall be dishwasher-enabled! Hurrah, much rejoicing.

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