Sunday 17 December 2006

Christmas Eve is just a week away

In fact, in a week, Christmas Eve will soon become Christmas Day. That's a frightening thought. At least I've managed to post most of my cards. I even bought some presents. And I ordered the pheasants yesterday.

Still feeling very un-Chritsmassy. Almost certainly because we're not going to be in Scotland, which is a thought that makes me feel quite miserable so I won't talk about it.

It froze last night. It's only the second frost there has been this winter so far. I'm expecting it to be pretty cold in the new year. I know it's sort of old wives' tales, but it's been so mild I'm sure we're in for some pretty tough weather in another eight weeks or so!

We went to the flicks this afternoon. The Disappeared. Let's just say we didn't pay for the tickets and the car park was free so no regrets. Not the best film I've seen.

I finished The Adventure of English at long last. It's hard for me to read clever books late at night, so it took some time. It was interesting, very interesting.

Hubby worked very hard yesterday and sorted out a load of stuff in the larder. He's preparing the way for the washing machine. The washing machine is going to live in the larder so the dishwasher can enter into service and wash our dishes. Hurrah.

We went and got a tree. It is smaller than last year's. Which is more sensible. I cursed and swore as I untangled the lights but it's looking pretty good now. I don't understand the thing with the tree lights. Each year, when we take all the decorations down, I take care to put the lights away properly. But then during the year something happens and they tangle themselves up.

Right, 'm'off to eat my tea. Bye.

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