Wednesday 3 September 2008

It might as well rain until September

Well it pretty much did rain all the way through August until September. But what can you do?

Here at the house of horrors we've been busy with the bathroom project. Of course as fate would have it on what was easily the loveliest weekend weather-wise all month, we spent our time trudging from one DIY store to the other, looking at tiles and tile glue and particle board and thermostatic radiator valves. Then finished stripping off that awful vinyl wallpaper, sanded the wallpaper glue off the tiles (with the scary sander - I'm semi-mesmerised by it and keep thinking how easily I could just veer it off the wall and onto sanding my forearms instead. Power tools are scary) and cleaned them with acetone. Hubby wisely invested in some rather expensive dust/vapour masks and they work a treat. Worth every penny.

So once the tiles were stripped bare and I'd sanded all the grouting down to what could be considered a reasonable level (seriously, whoever tiled our bathroom must have used three times more grout than necessary - see left), I was looking forward to painting on the primer. Painting is my favourite part of DIY. I don't really like all the "big" stuff involving power tools and what have you. I like tiling and painting. So I eagerly dug out the tin of primer and my brand new paintbrush (specific glycero-based type paintbrush). And was struck by a sudden moment of wisdom so I read the label before popping off the lid. It's a good thing I did but I wished I hadn't! It says to apply the finish coat at least 24 hours but no more than 72 hours later to guarantee adherence. Bugger! I couldn't paint because I haven't got my emulsion yet have I? I was a bit gutted.

Still, on Monday Hubby got busy with the jigsaw and fitted the wall panels (because, ah yes, when we ripped out all the old panelling we were delighted to find the walls are only tiled half way down!), which I got to tile after work. I like tiling. That pretty much made up for the primer disappointment. I haven't done it all but I'm waiting for me Dad to get here with his tile saw because some cutting is required.

Yesterday not much happened in the bathroom. Hubby went to the Comet-type store (called Boulanger - as in a baker's - but they sell home electricals! I know ...) and set up a 3-month's interest-free credit thing for the TV we bought on Saturday. Because our telly converted itself to a radio (as in sound but no picture) on Saturday. Thank heavens for 3-month's interest-free credit is all I can say because that's how everything gets bought!

Today the bathroom bits were delivered! As I type, Hubby is busily fitting the shower. The shower tray is in place, he's fitting the glass door things now. I'm staying well away unless he asks for help because he likes a security cordon of about 100m around him when he's DIYing.

[long pause while Lis is called away to hold things and get drilled into]

Right I think it's bedtime. Will finish this post with photos tomorrow. Nighty-night all xx


Anonymous said...

Ah, home improvement.... don't forget the before/ after and please don't get injured: you need your hands to update your blog! :D

Lis of the North said...

Salut Zhu. We are having a week off in Scotland now. My Dad is coming back to France to help us finish and hopefully no fingers will be lost ;)