Saturday 27 September 2008

Each day is Valentine’s Day

Well, it certainly is when I'm using my cordless screwdriver :) Hubby gave me my lovely power screwdriver for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. We were "doing" the kitchen at the time. I think it's one of the best Valentine's gifts I've ever received. You, dear reader, may conclude that I've never been given any really wonderful Valentine's gifts. But I'd retort that every girl needs a power screwdriver. It's the mutt's nuts, it really is. I don't like power tools especially. I had to drill some holes today. I didn't really like it. But once I'd drilled the holes, I got to fix screws in them with my cordless screwdriver. That was more fun.

Maybe the fumes from the tile paint and the tile cement really have gone to my head. Why else would I be writing a eulogy to my power screwdriver?! As you may have already guessed, the bathroom still isn't finished, but we're on the home straight. We hardly did anything through the week, but we need to get it all finished for next weekend because Sunday is the local braderie and we'll have a house full. So I need an operational bathroom. And for the dining room not to be a building site annexe. Photos soon, I promise!

That screwdriver really is excellent you know.


Anonymous said...

That's the most original gift I have never seen! :D IT is more useful than roses after all

Princesse Ecossaise said...

What a beast of a Valentine's gift! Clever man you've got there ;-)

Can't wait to see the photos of the new and improved bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for power tools!

Z said...

My husband gave me a pruning saw for Christmas a couple of years ago. I was thrilled, and my daughter-in-law was so envious that my son had to buy her one too. Later, I cut down an entire laurel hedge, which was the most sensible thing I'd done for a long time.

Anonymous said...

At least you are given presents. I just buy my own.

Lis of the North said...

Hey girls :)
Zhu you can betcha it's more useful than roses. Lasts longer too ;)
Ah princesse he is quite a useful fella when he tries. But I don't want power tools every year, do I. Are you listening Hubby?
Sally small-scale power tools are good. You know he bought me a heat gun paint stripping thing once too. Aahh, love.
Hola Z! Hmm a pruning saw. That's probably too adventurous for me. I have to say though it's very therapeutic though isn't it, pruning?
Hi Susanna, thanks for stopping buy. I suppose if you buy your own gifts you will never be disappointed. Or surprised.
Lis x