Wednesday 5 September 2007

Gi'us a job

Hubby applied for an exciting job on Friday. Well, exciting if you like designing data networks I suppose. Hubby says it's the best match to his skills and experience he's seen, and we ran it by Matt who said it looked like a good find too. The salary definitely sounds exciting in any case.

It's in Bristol. Not sure how I feel about Bristol. Still, let's not get ahead of ourselves, he only sent in his CV and the recruiter didn't immediately summon him to interview (or, even better, promptly offer him the job). He also applied to a position in Livingston yesterday. Very little chance of that going anywhere because in the ad there's that usual list of "must haves": excellent knowledge of [insert name of some fibre networking technology here], and Hubby says "um, I've heard of it". And anyway, do we really want to go and live in Livingston? I mean, I know I'm no angel, but I don't think I deserve to live in Livingston... !

As for me, a chap from a recruitment firm phoned on Monday, he wants to set me up a telephone interview with a company in Yorkshire. Crikey, a telephone interview. Err...

Not sure how I feel about it all. I am homesick and want to go home, but I have been shifting all the "responsibility" onto Hubby. He's the one applying for all the jobs, I just stuck my CV on a job website to see what would happen... Also, I am (mostly) happy in my job. He is miserable in his. But I have minimal career progression possibilities. He could be earning big bucks and being a high-flying senior engineer.

Sometimes having to make grown up decisions and choices is hard. I wish I could just ask Mum.


Mya said...

Ah Lis,
I sympathise. It's so hard to know what's the right thing to do sometimes. I just let things happen - and they usually turn out OK! (can you tell I'm blonde)

Bristol is lovely. Very well situated for Wales and the West Country. It has an IKEA. The accent isn't too bumpkin like. Loads of pretty pavement cafes (bit like France really, only not.)

Livingston on the other hand...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for hubby's job.

Mya x

Anonymous said...

LOL @ it has an IKEA. Mya - a girl after my heart!! But honestly Lis, I am the worst one to give advice in regards to making decisions but I have to say things usually just works itself out. Yep!!

Ghosty said...

Baltimore has an IKEA ... doesn't do a thing for it! haha

Ah, wait till he gets the job, then you can make the decision with much more ease. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I hate making decisions too ! And well... I do ask my mum sometimes... not that I follow her advice though ;-)

Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Hey you! Just remember that no change is irreversible, you can always turn down a job if you get offered it, or move back to France if you hate Bristol etc.
As for Livingstone, you are very right my dear, you have done absolutely nothing to deserve living in Livingston. But you could always commute from lovely edinburgh instead. Just don't THINK of going further west...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lis
I don't envy you having to make that decision.

I know Bristol, as I studied there - it's a really great place to live --- or at least it was when I left in 1995!
However, if you are homesick for Scotland, you have to remember that Bristol is still a LONG WAY from Scotland. Perhaps you would still be homesick.

I don't know anything about Livingston, I'm afraid...

I think Jane's advice is good too - you can always go back if things don't work out.

Why is life so complicated??!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - so many factors to balance!
I'm one of those people who'd rather stick with the familiar at any cost - bad, bad decision-making policy.
Have you ever considered freelance translation? Then you could live anywhere :)

Lis of the North said...

Well guys for some unfathomable reason the Bristol employers don't want to offer Hubby a superjob, so they can just b*gger off.
Not letting that minor setback derail our projects though and Hubby is pinging off CVs left right and centre. Something will turn up and then we'll be faced with a Decision.