Sunday 23 September 2007

A little corner of Murrayfield

'Moan Scotland!!! We're no scared o' them All Black poofs. Stick it up them eh!!! Send them homewards tae think again and aw'.

And back in the real world... Let's hope we can improve our rucking and try and keep the points difference damage down.


Ghosty said...

Nothing stirs up thoughts of patriotism and fierce national pride like a bunch of Scots singing their anthem right before they hit the field to bash the tar out of each other. Seriously, who would be crazy enough to mess with this country after hearing that?

Anonymous said...

Ermmm... So i take it you want Scotland to win then :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad your comments are back!

Mya said...

Shame about the result though... Nevermind. I'd put it down to the fact that both teams looked like they were wearing the same strip - what was that all about???

Mya x

Lis of the North said...

Ghosty I totally agree. But Scotland's rugby team doesn't look as scary as it used to ;)

Ah sugar how d'you guess? ;)

Me too SG, me too. It was so easy to fix, too.

Mya - we thought exactly the same thing, I can't believe they allowed that. I have to say I don't know whether I was more miffed about the result or about the lack of rugby eye-candy. I mean, Paterson only played about ten minutes and not a sight of either of the Lamont brothers. What a disappointment! ;)

Mya said...

Lis, this is a bit late - I gave you an award the other day (oh lucky you!) - but couldn't get comments to work to tell you. So, I've told you now!

Mya x

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