Wednesday 28 July 2010

The Fool in the Fiat

Hello poor, neglected blog. Don't know if there is anyone still out there? Still, shall carry on regardless. Am quite used to talking to myself.

As I am such a lax blogger, and find that Twitter is so much more convenient (read: short posts, minimum thought, quick and easy), I am trying a new source for blog content. I must admit to pinching the idea from Brennig (thanks Brennig). After a bit of fiddling with a hair elastic, I have managed to attach my iPod to the other side (the one I can't see) of my rearview mirror. This will enable me to record the weird and wonderful driving I am so lucky to observe on my daily commute. And share it with the world.

Naturally, I only thought of doing this last night, so missed the guy who charged onto a roundabout then promptly stopped half on and half off, having realised he maybe should've given way to my vehicle. And I missed the moron pedestrian who just stepped out into the road in front of me without even glancing to check for traffic. And today on the way home, I even missed the madman who shot through a red light, because earlier fiddling with iPod position had paused the recording.

Thus, all I have to offer is a quite poor snippet of ... "interesting" lane positioning.


Sally said...

Hello. I'm still reading! Nice video of nutty driving. Look forward to seeing a longer one! x

Lis of the North said...

Hi Sally :) I hope to have more joke French driving vids soon, and even some extreme joke French driving. Often, once your heart rate goes back to normal, you can laugh about it.

Ghosty said...

Hi Lis! I'm here ... please don't have any joke French drivers crashing into you. :)

the fly in the web said...

You could sell this to (anglo) television.

Lis of the North said...

Hi Ghosty! I just saw you have already posted 6 times to your new blog. I'll try to avoid being driven into :)
Hi fly. I probably could. Am hoping for some real comic moments and not too many scary ones ;)

Brennig said...

Am still here too! Well obviously, otherwise this wouldn't be me typing. Ambassador, wiz zees video treats you are spoilink us! Liking the way you're doing this, muchly.

Anonymous said...

Still here too! Late in commenting because I was in France and I mostly check for blog in the car as well, on a borrowed Iphone. And since my driving is already not the best, I figured I would leave the commenting for later ;-)

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