Thursday 26 February 2009

Maybe we ain't that young anymore

And maybe I'm wearing out already! I finally got myself to the doc to have my knee prodded. Doc nodded sagely as I answered his questions. I must have answered them all correctly, because he rewarded me with a prescription for x-rays to confirm (or rule out) suspected "patella femoral maltracking". Naturally, I asked Google all about that as soon as I got home. Was quite amused to note that it's a common sports injury. Chuckle chuckle.

Also in the news:
We now have a bank loan for our double glazing, but we haven't chosen the firm we want to fit the windaes yet. I delegate all responsibility to Hubby because as far as I can tell there's no difference between them. We have, however, agreed a quote with the roofer who will replace all the flashing on the upstairs windows once they're done. So that's progress. Plus the chap is from just down the street so I can feel smug about supporting the local economy.

We're away to Scotland soon, hoping to possibly bag us a car while we're there. A week of intensive test-driving awaits. And if we don't find a car we'll still have had a week at home, which is always pleasant.

It's supernephew's birthday next week. I wanted to get him a Scotland rugby jersey, but I can't find any in toddler sizes. Will have to think of something else. Any ideas? His all-time hero is Thomas the Tank Engine...


Jane said...

Yay! (the coming home part, not the falling apart part, which I'm sure you're not...) You're coming home? Yay again! Take a test drive thru Musselburgh and I'll cheer you from the roadside. I'll be your pit stop crew!


Lis of the North said...

Hey sweetie. Will definitely try to have a meet up. Have to fix dates with Willie too. Will text you. x